The makers of all the stupid Indian TV serials around please read this!

Posted On January 28, 2013

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I am a young woman who is  genuinely frustrated seeing more and more shows being made about women clad in saris with their lives revolving around their husbands and in laws. We women have better things to do rather than watching such shows which degrade women to the level of house servants and cooks. May be things were like this in India during the times of my grand mother but wake up!

Today girls are doing better than boys in schools and colleges academically. They have goals and ambitions same as guys. Do guys aim to live a life trying to impress his inlaws everyday? Well, neither do girls.

Reality shows involving nudity or sex scenes are banned but a serial about a woman being harassed by her inlaws just because she pursues her higher education is allowed to run prime time. A serial where the psychotic idiotic husband refuses to call his wife by her name but by “biwi” which is a hindi word for wife is nominated for awards.

And the women in these serials dont get divorced but continue to stay in crappy marriage because its supposed to show their strength?! Well it basically shows the mentality of the 40 year old men who make such pathetic serial.

Well there was one serial about a strong headed medical student but how does the show end? She falls in love with some middle aged doctor in the hospital while working as an intern and thats the biggest problem in her life not her career in such a difficult field. May be they could have showed her saving lives but no shes a woman and she can only woo a man for marriage and have random love triangles wherever she goes.


These days the hot theme is about an asshole guy and the woman spending all her time and energy trying to change him into her prince charming. Well thats not gonna happen! He throws her food on the floor, makes her and her family cry everyday. Does she dump his ass? NO she keeps trying like a retard.

Way to go india! While young women like me and my friends are studying hard to get degrees and working in shifts to feed our families, the makers of tv shows in India think that a woman has succeeded in life only if she stays in a crappy marriage with the entire family abusing her everyday.

Seriously where’s the option of blocking out channels?

Hansika Motwani paired opposite Govinda in Money Hai to Honey Hai!?

Hansika Motwani is 16 years old. (dont get decieved by her bold dressing sense and makeup, she’s a freakin minor!)


And this is what she looked like a few years back!

hansika motwani

hansika motwani

Govinda is 40 years old.


And these two will be seen romancing each other in Money Hai to Honey Hai.

Is it just me or… WTF?!

Firangi TV – Second Chance

second chance firangi tv


The story features Pedro José Donoso, a wealthy old man in love with a gorgeous younger woman, Isabel Arroyo. He dies suddenly, but returns to Earth through transmigration: (the passing of a soul into another body after death), in the body of Salvador Cerinza , a handsome (yet poor) family man. Pedro José searches for everything he lost, uncovering secrets, truths and deceptions. Ultimately, he must set things straight and save those who truly loved him.

Major characters

  • Pedro Jose Donoso- a wealthy industrialist who,thinks he has everything he ever wanted. He has a gorgeous young wife, despite the age difference and opposition from his only daughter, Ángela.
  • Salvador Cerinza – a farmer who lives a sad life with his stingy wife Cantalicia and their son Moncho. Then everything changes when he suffers a mysterious accident.
  • second chance firangiIsabel Arroyo- a sensual, ambitious woman who loves her husband,Pedro Jose, at least on the surface.
  • Andrés Corona – Pedro Jose’s right hand man and Isabel’s secret lover. Two-faced, astute and ruthless, he will do anything to take everything Pedro Jose’s owns.

source: wikipedia

Timings: Mon-Fri 7 & 11.30 pm

Here are some pictures of Salvador (Mario Cimarro) :

salvador mario cimarro
mario cimarro

MHT-CET Time Management Mess

mht cetThere are plenty of students who gave CET this year and are complaining about the lack of time to complete their paper. I don’t blame them at the same time I don’t think there’s any point crying over spilt milk. Everyone this year felt that the paper was lengthy but you have to prepare yourself for such tough times. Blaming your invigilators is very convenient but the truth is that many of the students who are blaming others for their loss are getting marks in 120s and 130s (and even lower), I wonder what huge difference it would have made if the guy at the centre gave them 10 mins extra… would they have attempted 50 odd questions in 10 mins?!

If you are a medical or engineering aspirant for next year’s CET then I would advice you to be prepared for the worst. There are times when papers are given late, sometimes wrong papers are given and then taken back, sometimes they’re collected too early and don’t forget that you have to fill all the details on the answer sheet AND the question paper (it can take time) and many other bad things can happen like one of the students got up in the middle of the paper and rushed to the bathroom. So work hard on time management so that you have no excuses to give later when its too late.

The Handsome Indian Actor

Some years ago, there was a huge contrast between the attractiveness of Hindi film heroines and the Hindi film heroes. You would think of Indian actors and see chubby, short and hairy men. But that seems like distant past now. Here are some new actors in Bollywood:

Imran Khan

Harman Baweja

Ranbir Kapoor

Upen Patel

John Abraham

There are many more and don’t forget the oldies like Saif Ali Khan and SRK who have reinvented themselves to look fresher and sexier. Anyway, I think its a nice trend and hope that Indian men get inspired from these guys to look good.

Tale of Aishwarya’s Revealing Dresses at Cannes

Yes, I’m bored of hearing about Aishwarya Rai at Cannes and I don’t care if her dresses are fashionable or not. And I’d like it if the leading newspapers stop publishing her pictures on the front page as if its something we Indians really care about. But till then I will continue ranting.

I found some very interesting comments posted on Rediff. Had to share them:

  • she is not representing India there in Cannes.. she is only representing L’oreal products there.
    atever she wears or not wears nothing is going to happen to us. its only her father-in law amitabh will be enjoying it.
    rem’ering what this stupid pig is wearing for cannes..
    Try to re
    m’er rajiv gandhi today.. today is his death anniversary.”
  • i dont find her or any of her dresses good enough.
    She loo
    ks and acts like a money grabbing gold digger.
    She needs some substance and elegance to go witht he fake style which s
    he throws around”
  • just because an actor showing half naked walking on a red corpet makes us all indians proud??”
  • At least after marriage, she could have abstained from wearing such dresses that give out a wrong message. It is also against our Indian culture.”
  • “It doesnt really matter what she wears. does it cater a food to poor family, does it cater a education to child labour or does it fetch few dollars to good cause? I dont understand why Bachchan family is walking on red carpet.”

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Scarlett Johansson Lookalike?

Is this Scarlett herself or a girl having an uncanny resemblance to the actress, what do you think? Random Celebrity Lookalikes

When you’re bored head to, nice way to have free fun.

Anyways, I thought of finding out the celebrity lookalikes of some the cricket players.

Yup I was THAT bored.


Andrew Symonds’ Gorgeous Girlfriend

andrew symonds girlfriend

Haha I know this post is random and probably this an old picture but its always good to see cricketers with really hot chicks. Go Symonds!

Kolkata Knight Riders’ Embarrassing Defeat

They seemed like school boys playing against an international side. 67 all out? And then Mumbai Indians getting the total in about 5 overs.

SRK had bought, sorry, brought a whole bunch of supporters for his team but they could only watch helplessly as their team were bundled out for the lowest score of the tournament.

The great SRK himself was booed by the crowd of Mumbai, yup, the same people who worshiped him and cheered for him like crazy.

Anyway, this is Mumbai Indians’ fifth straight win of the tournament, looking pretty strong and don’t forget they beat the Rajasthan Royals as well.

Tendulkar’s men are now in fourth-place on the table and boast the best net run-rate, while Kolkata sit sixth of the eight franchises.

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