MHT-CET exam tips for students aspiring to become Doctors and Engineers

MHT-CET is the most important exam for students aspiring to become doctors and engineers in Maharashtra but most students are confused about how to go about preparing for this crucial exam and what to expect in it.

CET exam success indiaHere are some tips…

  • Start preparing for CET much before time. There many coaching classes who offer CET tutions one year before the exam and its better to join these classes rather than crash courses for CET or classes that focus on HSC rather than CET.
  • Know your HSC portion well. There are no derivations or proofs asked in CET but you have to know the theories, definitions and concepts very well so do not neglect your HSC exam and study both HSC and CET simultaneously.
  • Read Textbooks. This is the best and easy way to understanding the subjects thoroughly. Do not read out of syllabus books, just stick to sanctioned books.
  • Solve MCQ books once you feel prepared with the portion. Many students score poorly in CET inspite of studying well and this is because they’re not used to the MCQ format of answering. You have to think quickly and make decisions in seconds and for that you need to get some practice.
  • Prepare Physics well. Most students lose marks in Physics so be careful. Solve a lot of MCQs and get all your doubts cleared. Also, time management in Physics is also very important.
  • Be mentally calm. Do not be under too much pressure or stress as this might seriously affect your performance. You cannot think well when you’re nervous so do not get tensed.
  • Keep other options open. Be well prepared for CET but do not depend entirely on this one exam for your future. Give other entrance exams which have similar portion, it will help take off some pressure.
  • But the most important tip is to study regularly throughout the year. You cannot cram the night before the CET exams. You have to prepare yourself well in advance. Avoid watching too much TV, surfing the net or going out during this year. Be focused and determined.

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[I made this post 6 years ago,  I have finished with my MBBS this year. Good luck to everyone!]


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    • Milind

      Pls. donot panic. What you need to do is keep your cool forst. Start reading basic text books. Understand the fundamental concepts. Then practice some questions.

      If u have doubts in Biology paper II , i can help u. Send me e mail on the

      Best luck.

      • ajinkya

        hey were in mvm

    • vishal jejurkar

      swpnil hi im vishal,ur friend
      i did’nt where r u now but i’ll like 2 tell u that don’t get discourage,iknow u r a bright student. just be self confident. try to get good best wishes r always with u.

    • umesh

      hey this is umesh
      dont take tension about it if u r desied it na than do perfect u ll get sucsses

      • chetan

        only desire do nothing,the work matters

  2. Deepak Jaiswar

    i am Deepak . i gain 72% in SSC Exam. Now i am in 11th Std .Can you help me which book i refer for MH-CET for medical Entrance ?

    • Milind

      Hi, Deepak,

      To start study of etrance exam in 11th is very beneficial. Catch hold of sanctioned text books. REqad them carefully. Understand concepts. Meaning of imp. terms etc. Simultaneously concentrate on solving numerical or qualitative problems in phy and che, from sanctioned books.

      Then practice MCQs from previous books. From June to Dcember you must finish regular 11th. Then start with 12th in advace.

      Feel free to clear doubts on my e mail


      • Aaliya

        Hiieee MILIND…
        u really guide veri well….
        i need ur help now i’m in 12th but confused ke wat should i select as my career option i’m equally interested in medical as well as in engineering plzzz help me…..


    • Pooja patle

      Hi deepak jaiswar I want your help how can I manage time because I get only 8hours in a day for practice as well as for other remaining work how can I prepare for mh cet I spend 9hours in school ,6hours for sleeping

  3. Anuja

    Hi I am in 11th std. I cracked my 10th with 83%. I want to be an Engineer. Will you please suggest me any good book for Maths for MHT-CET exam? thanks!

    • Saurabh

      Hi anuja ! I am f.e comp. Engg student and scored 153 marks in mht-cet Now coming to the point the recommended books for maths : himalaya pub .(good book having lots of mcq’s)
      and NAVNEET CET MATHS for scoring (90% of question were form these book)

  4. Kun

    Hi Anuja….here are somewhat useful tips…
    1) For Maths cet preparation you just need to be thorough wid 12th Maths book-I will recommend Chitale-Joshi…
    2) For concepts in conics & calculus you may refer to Pradnya’s mht-cet maths book….But still i bet if u solve Chitale-Joshi textbook at least 5 times u will surely score above 90 in maths cet…
    3) When solving maths problems u jst need to remember its be observative at given problems even if u cracked it…
    4) As u r in 11th, it will be nice if u pay attension to the concepts of lines,slopes,trigonometry & calculus….

    • shriyash

      hey thats jus gr8 info man!!

  5. satish

    hi i passed my hsc with 81% and scored 115 in mht cet engineering but not gote admission in any A grade college therefore i decided to take a drop of a year and i m prepaired till feb middle 80% but i m still confused with by how many book should i solve and after compliting the portion how do i revise it

  6. altamash

    hi my name altamash

    i am a 12th standard student and i want to go for mbbs .please give me some good tips to prepare weell for my cet . my preparation for hsc in biology and chemisty was good but i find physics very tough and my english is alsovery very bad

    will you help me as how to prepare for cet specialy (physics and chemistry ) and how improve my inglish

    • JP Sir

      Don’t worry about English, instead concentrate on understanding concept of physics.Be positive u can achieve anything with right approach.God bless u.

  7. Aditya

    Hello friends,

    I am a 11th std. student. I have scored 89% in my SSC.I am an engineering aspirant. please give some names of books for phy. chem, maths…for CET…

    • ajit

      u can refer 4 maths-vidyabharti or marvel,4phy&

  8. Pranav

    Hello aditya.For maths you refer marvel.For chemistry himalaya.For physics take marvel and target.

  9. anisha

    i m anisha i m in 12th now n i m appearing for both cet as wel as aieee i want 2 know that which book should i refer for cet i find maths little tough so please help me .
    yours faithfully,
    thank u anisha

    • Vikas

      For Maths you need a lots of practice but before that all the concepts for solving the problem is must.. because you cant solve the problem till you wont get that problem is from which chapter. I will suggest you to go for Navneet MHT_CET book. because 80% of problems are from the same book and rest is from the Himalaya publications.
      you can email your problems on my email.

      (Mechanical Engineer)

    • Dip

      Test reply

  10. Ajay Chauhan

    iam ajay i wanna a appear many more exam after cet i will able to solve as many ques i can .so more tips will require for my future . and i need ur tips .give me attention on my grammer by acquire to me .

  11. Anurag

    im anurag i got 60 percent in hsc this year , i did not focus on hsc so thats why i got so much less % . i 10th std i got 81% . in 12th i focused only on preparing for mhtcet, and neglected hsc, and now in hsc i’ve got 110 marks , im aspiring for medical , which has cut off not less than 165 every year , please suggest me that if i would work
    hard on hsc this time and take a drop for cet will i be able to score above 170?? please give me som sugestion as per your experience.
    please do reply..

  12. Anurag

    sorry for the mistake in mhtcet ive got 110 marks…

  13. krutika srivastava

    I have secured 132 marks in mht cet.I am actually from CBSE.I did not concentrate on cet much and sudied only one month after CBSE PMT.

    I wanna drop. Please can u guide me about the coachin and the books and even the time management.

    My physics paper was good bt i cud not complete, I knew that if i wud solve i cud have made it up but the time was running by

    I m really in need of guidance.

    • Vikas

      Don’t be panic… Just read the books to clear your concepts… as you clear your concepts then all will be in your favor. For Physics & Chemistry you read the book and note down the important formulas and for maths you need to understand the problem from which chapter and its best method and simple one which is understood by you very well , this will automatically improve your self confidence.

      (Mechanical Engineer)

  14. rohan.s

    hi this is rohan i am going to appear for mht cet this year and i am confused about how to go around the syllabus and which subjects to do first and how to study and also is it necessary to read text books or just be dependent on classes notes plz reply,,,

    • ZEENAT

      HI,first of all don’t be depended upoun completly on classes nots&don’t take so much tention in your mind.mostly reffer the gov text books.

  15. Pr@ne$h

    hi, i m a mbbs aspirant,i got 104 marks in this cet,but i kno i cn do better than dis, bcoz last time i wasnt well durin 2 months of cet,i hav taken a gap 4 doing only cet, so is it advisable 2 go 2 classes it or d 2 study d way d previous classes of cet hav advised without joining class.
    will selfstudy do?

  16. anish

    please tell me which alls books to buy for mht-cet as soon as possible

  17. Viraj

    Hi friends…..i’m in 12th now…my query is:
    Various publications give different portion for cet…for ex. books specially for cet have given theory related to radial and centrepetal acc. and the total resultant acc… our textbook for board has not included it………..all the sites on net say tht portion for cet is as same as tht for hsc…So whts the deal here..???

  18. sumit

    iwantto crack mhtcet

  19. Ashutosh upadhye

    hi friends,
    i am in 12th now.and i wanna crack mhtcet suggest me some quality books for physics problems.
    I am waiting for ur suggestions.

    • shaunak

      you should use target numericals

    • ZEENAT

      Hi,I think for numericals you should reffer BANGVI NUMERICALS BOOK.

  20. tushar

    hi friends…..i am in 12 th std can u tell me which books should i use for mh-cet

  21. mayur

    hi friends…….i m in 11th .i want to crack mht-cet in 2011.i got 86.30% in ssc,i do want to crack in my hsc .can u plz give me some tips about it

    • ajit

      concentrate more on ur board exam right now, start studying cet even now taking some time at night atleast 1hr/day 4 any subject.

  22. nirali

    i am appearin 4 cet this yeat i score well in hsc exams but tend to lose marks in cet-especially physics.wat to do?can u tell me sumthing about time-mamagement.while writin d paper

  23. Abhijeet

    Hi,,,this is Abhi m from Pune..

  24. Abhijeet


  25. Rohit

    I have taken Himalaya for Physics CET

    Is it not good ?

  26. utkarsh

    i’am not getting proper guidance for solving the tough MSQ’s.plzzz give suggesstion how to preapre for mht cet by self study ,at least for maths.

  27. omkar

    can u plz tell me which books to prefer for my mht cet practise for Physics,Chemistry and Maths?

  28. Suraj

    How to prepare for cet in last 2 month

  29. nethra

    Dear sir,
    can u plz tell me which book to refer for mht cet for physics………..

  30. jyotsna

    how to study mht-cet in last 10 days. i want to maths,chem,physics&bio chapter-wise trick which take very few time.please send me earlier as possible.

  31. gavin dsouza

    I have been studyin under very famous and good professors in mumbai. is there any one who like to purchase original notes from me. i have the CET notes for maths , physics and chemistry. if anyones interested u can mail me at…

    • akshay

      am akshay.i just completed my 10th and awiting for my result.i have decided to crack cet.I have started with my 11 th portion well before time.plzz tell me about the best cet coaching classes.

  32. amita

    which are the sanctioned books from govt what are its name and publication for mht cet

  33. ausheen

    i am currently in 12th hsc.i am doin home prep 4 physics,have coachings for bio and chem.i passed my 10th cbse examinations with 85%.can u plz suggest a good mcq book?and does the cet questions come only from sanctioned books,and if it does,if we read it can we score good marks?


    pl subscribe me

  35. manish

    plz recommend me some MCQS books for chemistry……………….plz

  36. Amol

    hey guys! i am gonna give the mht-cet 2011….
    i am a pcm student…i was expecting 93% in my ssc 2009 but got 88% thanks to social studies…

    i got for classes for mhtcet 2011 but i got 135/200 in their last mock test…my problem is that i am very slow while solving numericals and i make stupid mistakes in chemistry (organic part)

    any suggestions to help me score above 190 in the cet???


  37. Dharmesh

    Hii.i m in 12th..i want to crack CET.its alredy July now…and i hav not started studying for CET…can any1 tell me how shud i study??/what shud i study??any books which has gud shortcutsss?????
    Plsss help me!!!!!!!!!

  38. Amit s,

    Dear All,
    Anyone who is preparing for CET please visit my site above as now you can get question series along with their solution on you cell phone & online PC. Just get register yourself and you are through.

    All questions are latest and in continious updations.


  39. Amit s,

    Dear All,
    A good news for aspirants,
    Register on and get an updated question series on your mobile/online PC with solutions as well. Its India’s first test through mobile. or call for details– 9766613001

  40. Amit s,

    Dear All,
    A good news for CET aspirants,
    Register on and get an updated question series on your mobile/online PC with solutions as well. Its India’s first test through mobile. call for details– 9766613001

  41. sonal

    Hello friends , I scored 139 in PCM this year and have decided to take drop . I dont know what went wrong because my average score in classes was 150 . Please guide me how to study and prepare for the exam so that i can score above 180 .

  42. Sayali

    Hi,i m in 12th std.n m prepairing 4 mht-cet 4 pcb group..i havent started studing hard 4 12th n even 4 what should i do now to crack cet with good marks nearly 190.plz guide me..n suggest me some books..plz.

  43. Payal


  44. suyog

    my problem is that i have started my study in september. what should be done by me to score high in this too short time period. i have a tension that i will not able to compelete my syllabus in time. please guide me.

  45. chinmay

    hi my name is chinmay…
    i m now in 12th standard and i want to give PCM CET…
    i am studying through Maths Vidyabharti,….
    but is it best book to score good in maths ?
    And pls suggest me books for physics and chem for CET…
    and i hav heard that in CET, most of the questions come from NAVNEET MHT-CET book… is it true ? shal i study from it ?

  46. windy

    Hello, I m now in 11th standard (started in august 2010)
    I scored 90% in 10th board exam (march 2010).
    I m a PCM student and I’m gonna apply for MH-CET, AIEEE and JEE.
    But i have no idea how to study for these exams.. 🙂
    right now i m only preparing my state books provided by college.
    If u can, then please suggest me any tips for studying ^_^ for any books or any methods of studying wil b welcomed
    🙂 ty

  47. aditya

    phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the hell this is ………loads of competitionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  48. abhishek

    i’m in class11 now and i scored 86% in class 10.i’m an aspirant of MBBS and want to prepare for MHTCET PMT.please suggest some best books forit.

  49. pratyusha

    hey i am in 11th class. i got 74% in 10th class. i have to prepare for pmt exam because i deciced to give pmt after 11th just for trial so please guide me how to prpare for this exam. and also with pmt i have to prepare for 11th class. kindly suggests me. be fast.

  50. Disha

    Hey i secured only 84% in ssc n now m in 12th.i selected very wrong class n due to this i jst donno wat to do at dis point of time..
    in my classes cet has jst not begun n m worried bcoz of that.
    i dont wanna repeat my history n wanna score better this time in both cet as well as plz kindly guide on how do i study now n wat books i need to refer or practise…

    thanking you

  51. Tanmay

    Hi friends!!
    Plz guide me for how to prepare for pmt..I’m in 12th nw.I have not started for preparation for pmt yet.I know this late now bt then also,considering as ur brother, give me some tips on the basis of your expirience. What shall i do???I’m in tention of studies.

  52. kalpesh

    hello my fellow friends,
    me too preparing for mhtcet’2011.
    Am also aspiring to get above 190+ which is difficult but very much securable if done with proper dedication.
    I would advise all aspirants that dont just run upto mhtcet before studying 12th syllabus..
    If u do ur 12th good.. Then cet is very easy and you can score 150+ easily.. But now as if u want to get 185+ then it depends upon how u do in last two months..!!

    Kalpesh kadam

    One more thing my friends..we should get on a common platform where we can share our views n concern about 12th n mhtcet preparations…
    First we shud get in contact.
    My email id’s r as follows.

  53. radhika

    hello,i m a repeater..i m aiming to be a doctor.i scored 117 in i need ur guidance for biology..i had scored 72 in bio..any tips or book reference for solving mcq’s..pls help!!!

  54. siddharth.s.chitla

    hi m anjali….i cracked s.s.c with 85%….nw almost 2 months are remaining for my h.s.c boards…. i am v tensed dat how wud i perform in my boards as well as cet….plz sugesst some gud cet books to refer for phy chem and maths….

  55. vishalakshi

    ds is vaishali 4m mumbai..
    i scored 76.72% in my ssc..
    i was typically heart broken n discouraged cz i was expecting above 80’2..
    so nw m doubtful about can i aim 4 medical..??
    m totally stressed..
    pls help me..
    nw m goin 2 join classes..
    gimme sm tips,how 2 prepare n names of the books dat i shld reffer..
    let me hear 4m u as soon as possible..

    thanking you..


  56. ASHISH

    Hiiiiii guys I am repeater of 2011 cet want to crack mht-cet my experience says that regular practice of MCQ’S and reading textbook will Succeed In cet

  57. Ashish kulkarni

    Hi i am prepearing for MHT-CET 2011 my experince said that BY GIVING RIVISION 10 times to pradnya latur Pattern and solving P.S Bangui for physics succeed In MHT-CET Also himalya for Chemistry. best luck to 2011 engineer aspirants

  58. Shubham Adhe

    Hi I’m in 12th std
    I don’t know how to study physics.In cet books there r so many problems of different types can we hav to solve each of them?
    Plz help

  59. pratibha karve

    I have being preparing for IIT-JEE last 2 years what efforts shold I take for CET becoz I have not started stuying yet

  60. Abhijeet

    My name is Abhijeet Singh Rathod and i gonnaappear my 12th exam from maths subject this year. but at the same time preparing for AIEEE and IIT exams. First of all I dont have time to prepare for IIT exam and secondly i need a good book for AIEEE preparation! I ahve been suggested to refer Vidya bharti’s maths book but the problem is that am in rajsthan and i cant buy that publication book here! Ifyou want then u cant suggest me some another book but that book must have the tricks to complete maths question is very less time like matrix and hyperbola. Am an average student so plz refer me some thing really good! i am eagerly waiting for your reply! You can email me on my email id

  61. Shivangni Sarin

    Hello, my name is Shivangni……….I am a medical aspirant, and i am planning 2 give MH-CET, im from NASIK.
    Can someone please tell me the names of some good refeence books for cracking this exam.
    or the name of some good coaching institute at the earliest as i’m in X.
    thank you,

    • VIOLA

      Well forget bout MHTCET……NEET has got implemented!!!!!

  62. Shivangni Sarin

    please answer sooooooooooooon!

  63. dipak

    hi i am in 11th .i had secured 94% & i want addmission in coep so that i had started to study for cet. I m refering himalaya publication books & vidyabharati. But in tution cet paper my all tries goes fail suggest me about solve paper

  64. Ashish

    Hi guys i scored 89% in ssc im in 12. nd boards exams are going on.
    i hv nt studies cet throughly nd very worry about it.
    pls guide me

  65. siddhesh

    i am std-11 student, please suggest me good books to study for hsc and cet.also suggest some good and easy guidance websites
    also pls suggest me how can i improve my physics

  66. siddhesh

    i am std-11 student, please suggest me good books to study for hsc and cet.also suggest some good and easy guidance websites
    also pls suggest me how can i improve my physics.

  67. shraddha rakshe

    i hav given hsc exams just now.i was preparing for aieee previous 2 years. however now i feel that my performance in aieee is not lifting so i want to concentrate on seee but i don’t hav idea about the required books…. i’m in immediate need of guidance… pls help me…

  68. diA


  69. pooja

    i scrd 91 % in went dwn in 11 with 70 %.i want to do BDS frm a gud i hve nt joined any there a necessity to join classes??plz help me reguarding CET and HSc as to wich publication books shud i use.

  70. Amit

    Sir i have appared 12th Sir i want to know which book should i prefer for maths?i have secured 72% in 10th

  71. amit

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  72. suprita mahajan

    I want to appear for mht-cet.I want to secure admission in no.1 medical college in Mumbai.So please help me to know as to what books I have to refer for biology,physics as well as chemistry.
    Please help me at the earliest.

  73. suprita mahajan

    I want to appear for mht-cet.I want to secure admission in no.1 medical college in Mumbai.Please help me to know as to what books i have to refer for biology,physics and chemistry.
    please help me at the earliest.

  74. saba

    hi… i want to become doctor i need above 150 marks in cet..plz plz tell how to prepare for cet..n plz can u send me last 5 years question papers of cet..plz thank u….

  75. pranay k p

    how should i study for SEEE
    i have done my .12th from cbse board

  76. samina

    hi iam samina here i am in 2nd puc i need to prepare for cet & i want some guidance how & what to study and what about previous question paper can we refer that

  77. samina

    i want imp websites to refer plz send it

  78. arvind

    HEY GUYS THIS IS ARVIND N I M IN 12TH STD plz tell me how shud i prepared my self for cet , i m loose my confidence …when i think abt cet just boz how to prepare for it i dont have any idea plz help me out …………..plz

  79. nisha pawar

    i want to be a god doctor but i dont study these days feels like i m pressurized somewhere..biology i could do but what about physics i cant deal with it…….means i know but not practioning…….can u please help me study for these twenty days i m feeling helpless

  80. jhanvi

    i am going to give cet on 12th. so tell me how to prepare for it in last 10 days as i have never studied it b4 nor i have any cet book to study , cet is my last hope as aieee went bad.
    plz tell books which i can complete in 10 days?

  81. Monika

    Hi i have passed 12th standard and i have got less in maths and i have decided to persue engineering can ou please tell me what is the least cut off in maths so that i could write cet………….

  82. dare

    milind how to prepare for mht cet….

  83. amit

    i want tips about MH-CET .can i prepare very well.? How?

  84. Gaurav

    I am going to give my CET test in 2012 but i m confuse how to study maths for enginnering and give me tips and how can i score above 140,please reply…………………………..or enginnering and give me tips and how can i score above 140,please reply…………………………..

    • aditya

      For physics u solve plpn ie pradnya publications buk..
      try to solve it twice n u r done with physics for cet.
      for chem- uttam is good as well as himalaya..
      n for maths do ur board text book thoroughly and target publications is very good (though it has less sums bt r very good n mstly covers all the concepts)

      n at the end solve ample of tests atleast 20 n race against the clock!
      this am telling because m a dropper scored 142 in cet 2011 n i had not practised test n in phy chem paper didnt get time to complete the paper 🙂

      n for maths dont forget to solve the previous year board question papers.. most of the questions r frm there.

  85. yusuf

    i will be giving my cet exam in 2012. I want to do aerospace engg. But due to some prolems i m being told to aquire good marks to study in gov. Clleges. It would be a great to recieve your help in recieving tips to improvise my study so as to compete for aerospace branch and also abt Government clleges for aerospace which offer courses in maharashtra itself and their requirments. Pls help me

  86. Siddharth Joshi

    Sir, I recently visit a website & I surprisingly got very good MHT-CET preparatory notes,videos & MCQ’s out there.And again it is totally free to access. I visit on that website daily for practice. What’s your opinion about it.

  87. Rubal Jabbal

    hey i m in 12Th and a PCM student. i am quiet confident abt chem n maths is on track too but my main concern is physics n there is not much time left now. please help me n tell what shall i do now n which pet book shall i refer to get min 45 Marks n above in phy. . I NEED UR HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. PL REPLY SOON ON MY FB ACC OR HERE. THANKS. .

  88. Munazza

    hii i am repeating cet so can u tell me wher can i get sum classes
    since most of themare admission full

  89. Akanksha

    pls suggest me ref book for CET for PCMB group

    • aditya

      For physics u solve plpn ie pradnya publications buk..
      try to solve it twice n u r done with physics for cet.
      for chem- uttam is good as well as himalaya..
      n for maths do ur board text book thoroughly and target publications is very good (though it has less sums bt r very good n mstly covers all the concepts)

      n at the end solve ample of tests atleast 20 n race against the clock!
      this am telling because m a dropper scored 142 in cet 2011 n i had not practised test n in phy chem paper didnt get time to complete the paper 🙂

      for bio i dont know sorry 😦

  90. kinza

    heyyy guyzzzz…….dis is kinza….i have scored 93% in bth 10th n 11th….i have alwayz desired to be a docter….but this year as of sudden mom went seroiusly ill and i had spent entire year looking after her and home….coz dad stays abroad….nw i am panic…wat to do n how to prepare fr board nd entrance….plz advise……

    • Rajeshwari

      hey kinza juzz think .. i will do in any situation.. n dnt be upset,, ur confidnce is also imp fr doing a well study.. n hope so u can manage study n also ur mom.. only refresh ur mind daily..

  91. Jueeli Keny

    i am a tsudent in std.12 rite now..i m nt done wid my portions for hsc as well as cet how do i study ??i have dropped biology n aspire to become an engineer..

  92. gaurav bhokare

    which books should i refer{pcm}?

    • aditya

      For physics u solve plpn ie pradnya publications buk..
      try to solve it twice n u r done with physics for cet.
      for chem- uttam is good as well as himalaya..
      n for maths do ur board text book thoroughly and target publications is very good (though it has less sums bt r very good n mstly covers all the concepts)

      n at the end solve ample of tests atleast 20 n race against the clock!
      this am telling because m a dropper scored 142 in cet 2011 n i had not practised test n in phy chem paper didnt get time to complete the paper 🙂

      • Rajeshwari

        hey aditya.. bt plpn is nt sufficient fr entrance,, soo have u any other book..??/

  93. AAMIT


  94. sagar sangole

    it is good to have information about your career well before so that you can prepare yourself very well

  95. Maitreyi patil

    Hey !
    i am in 12th now. i have my hsc exams in 1 month. can u plz tell me how can i start to prepare for mh cet from now. how much time should i give to each subject. i want to become a doctore. plz give me tips..

    • aditya

      hi maitreyi!
      at present you should devote of the time for the board. But do give atleast 1 hour daily for solving cet questions of the chapter u have done on the day.
      n also keep hour aside in the morning or at night in which u should only revise the formulae or concepts..
      in short in this 1 hpur u should mug up the formulae.

      so should give together 2 hours for cet prep daily.
      if u have any doubt mail me.
      i can solve ur physics and chemistry doubts bt not bio as m not a bio student.

  96. Rahul

    sir I am in 11th
    I wish to give both mht_cet & AIEEE
    I am an PCM student
    Please refer me MCQ books for physics,chemistry,maths
    I have started solving MCQS from Uttam Prakashan Maths textbook & Arihant AIEEE Physics book

  97. Ratnesh

    I have just about a month left with me now. What to do nw?

    • aditya

      join some crash course of any clas n practice ample of mcqs.

  98. krutika

    which are good books fir cet and aieee ???

  99. Devashish

    Hi myself devashish
    Would you tell me which book i should prefer for solving mcq’s for mhtcet

  100. Maitreyi patil

    Hey!!!!! I have got last 10 years cet question papers will that help me?????????/ am still nt prepared vid my protion. I want to become a doctor. can u plz tel me which lesson shud i do first??????????? I really need a help yar

  101. Sagar

    I am Sagar.I was a bright student till 10 then suddently everything went wrong.I just got less marks the my expectation and i lost everythin.First i did not get admission in a desired college then i lost qll my hopes,my my mental strenght and now i have become a average student.Please help.Please.

  102. mrinmayi

    i want 2 know what type of study should be done 15 days prior 2 CET exam…i m gettind tensed now coz i have only 15/16 days left for my exam..

  103. purvi chheda

    if we are from gujrat,how can we study? plese give us suggetion erly

  104. Vimlesh pandey

    sir I am in 12th
    I wish to give both mht_cet & AIEEE
    I am an PCM student
    Please refer me books for physics,chemistry,maths
    I have started solving maths eqution from Maths textbook
    plz refer me books…

    • Aditya

      for any doubts, tips, tricks, shortcuts related to any topic for MHT CET (pcm only)
      mail me on
      i shall readily help u all free of cost. send this message to ur frnds.

  105. shrishail

    shrishail godekar
    i am in second puc . As my parents wish , I wanted become an ideal doctor and to get good rank in cet . so i require the tips from you .somebody help me please.

  106. kunal

    i have 107marks in mht cet this year 2012 can i get addmition in engg college

  107. Aditay

    for any doubts, tips, tricks, shortcuts related to any topic for MHT CET (pcm only)
    mail me on
    i shall readily help u all free of cost. send this message to ur frnds. 🙂

  108. Shubham khairnar

    Hey plzz help me how should i study in last 15 days for my upcommin CET ??
    Mind is already getting disturbed can’t concentrate for much long time…
    Help me plzz… Rply soon

  109. Shubham khairnar

    Hey plzz help me how should i study in last 15 days for my upcommin CET ??
    Mind is already getting disturbed can’t concentrate for much long time…
    Help me plzz… Rply soon….

  110. sara shinde

    Hey hi… now I m 11th std student.. I want an information about cet preparation. . I don’t know about this exam … so tell me which books r useful for preparation? how to do preparing for cet. . Also tell me about preference books. Plzzzzzz tell me… bcoz I m very frightened about this exam… I want to know about medical entrance exam. i

  111. sara shinde

    Plzzzzzz reply

  112. afnaan kazi

    I’m in 12th and I want to know which books should I prefer for my cet preparations for medical entrance exam.

  113. fanniecross daniel

    I want to give my best in this year but there are hurdles…that make me feel low. I am struggling in physics & I want to become a doctor but I like maths which is now a barrier to me…suggest me books to manage physics and bio…..

    Yours faithfully,

  114. Ayushi Dubey

    Does 10th resultz affect in the cet exam resultz.?????

  115. Ayushi Dubey

    After 12th boardzz , cet exams directly startz or v get some time to go in nutshell..???

  116. Ayushi Dubey

    In cet medical, which subject has got more weightage from PCM

  117. Rajeshwari

    guyzz.. nw i scored 205 marks in cet… bt its nt a very well so i am repeating mh cet.. can anyone suggest me how i will acheive my target , thats a medical.. plzz help me….. n reply me on my email id………………


    which mcq books to be referred for solving phy,chem?&do I required o solve mcq of bio?

  119. lina

    hi,my name is lina. Actually,icompleted 12 std buti can not attain classes after 12std because my financial condition is nt well

  120. naba

    i wanted to know which book to refer for mcq in cet after refering the govt text
    pls reply within 4 days

  121. Bobade rameshwar kisanrao

    I am too much inspired from that artical Thanks

  122. Samiksha

    I m samiksha. ..
    Actually nw I m in 12th …..I belong to ICSE SCHOOL……so I wnt some help from u……as I m liking to go in mbbs side… I wnt some imp tips from u how to study for cet exams n which books to refer for MATHS, CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS N BIOLOGY
    I hope u will help me

  123. Radhika Rangera

    I am a gujarat board student and want to appear for MHCET. Thanks for ur advise. I aspire to become a doctor. M dying for it!

  124. Akash Purvanshi

    Thanks a lot for give me guidance. I will starts to prepare for mhtcet now. Thanks again.

    • SANA

      Hi i am sana. i am studing in 8 std i wanted to get prepared from now onwards for writing CET exams to become a doctor. I need some help from u which books to refer for PHYSICS , CHEMISTRY and BIOLOGY.


      • Sanjay

        are you in HSC now?
        I’m Physics Lecturer
        I’ll guide you and I have lot notes and problems in Physics

  125. Yogesh

    I am now in 12 th std and i want preparation of medical as well as engg cet so how can i do it ? which books should i have to refer?

  126. akash bajad

    hiii i am akash i just appear mh cet nd i got only 71 marks i it n medicle is my dream soo what should i do?

  127. swapnil;gajbhiye

    hi freind i gt ot 73% in 10 std & in 12std 55% i cant understad what should i do igot in mht cet 92 marks please guide me where should i join for tution class i have lots of peer presure plz guide me

  128. Yash Kulkarni

    Dear sir,
    I got 88% in CBSE exam.want to go in to medical field .i have taken admission in hsc board college . Is my decision correct to get admitted in medical college. Tell me how to crack cet exam .please suggest me names of books

  129. sagir

    sir i have got 170 marks in pcb mhcet 2015 but still short of MBBS plz guide me some must books for phy and chem.i know that there are some books from where Cet paper is directly set. plz tell me the books?????

  130. anjum shaikh

    sir maine two times cet ka exam diya hai par dono baar mujhe bahot kam markes mile hai main mbbs me jana chathi hoon par mujhe koi guide karne wala nahi hai please mujhe koi tips dijiye jisse main apna brain power bada saku or cet crack kar saku.

  131. Mayur

    Hi! i’m mayur . I am a 11th std student. I have scored 86% in my ssc. I’m an aspirant of MBBS and want to prepare for mht-cet which has cut off not less than 170 every year. I do want to crack in my hsc. Can u plz give me some tips about it. Also,suggest me about which books to refer for mht-cet. With great hopes ,MAYUR. . . . . .

  132. Ankita maurya

    Hii..I had secured 68% in hsc and 114 in mht cet but couldn’t get admission for MBBS so can I repeat the cet twice is their any procedure for repeating 2nd time ..plz guide me and suggest best books for reference..

  133. Dimple sarode


  134. shree

    Hi…I’m Shree,
    I finshed my 12 boards with 92 percent ,but could not score good ranking in KCET and my ambition to become a doctor is not yet full filled , so I’m dropping a year and preparing for next cet. Could u pls guide me how to prepare effieciently for next cet. I can’t afford to get low score next year plssssss help me.

  135. Snehal Pawar

    I am Snehal……..
    I am going to give mht cet exams in the year 2015-2016.this year only 12th syllabus is there for cet exams so should I go for topics which are other than textbook. I am getting very much in physics what should I do.I am repeater for cet. I got 169 marks in previous year but unfortunately I couldn’t get admission in any government collage so i am very nervous about my performance in this year. please HELP ME

  136. Hrithik Sonawane

    Hiii my self hrithik i m in 12 th std
    And my desire is to de a doc , but i dont know wht has happen to me , I was good in studies in begning but now i cant concentrate on itt .
    Can u plz guide me for study . So I can open my eye and GET ON It back ,plz help me

  137. Siddhesh

    I want guidance for my 12th CET exams ,currently I studying in 11th standard and started preparation on my own for 12th standard i have almost neglected my 11th and i study only a day before for my 11th exams is it right to do so and carry forward the same as well or should i be doing my 11th class good as well?I know some of basic topics in maths like trigo are important i am doing so .But my main question is how much is 12th standard dependent on 11th? PLZ guide me

  138. tejasvi

    biology keli liye vidyabharti book use keiya fir chem or phy keliye konsi book prepare karni chai ye

  139. tejasvi

    pizzz reply



  141. TEJU


  142. Pavan mane

    Hi frnds i am now in 12 th class. Which mcq book i used for mhcet prepration to pcb group

  143. shantanu

    hi i am in 11th now…i wanna knw dat for mht cet only 12th std portion is asked or of both 11th and 12th

  144. Sayali

    Hi am sayali, iam in 11std, can u suggest me that is it necessary to join classes for 12th n MH-CET?

  145. Sayali. Pingle

    Hi am sayali, iam in 11std, can u suggest me that is it necessary to join classes for 12th n MH-CET?

    With great hopes……

  146. neha khan

    main biology me bhot weak hoon to pleas mujhe kuch easy tips bataon na jaldi se argent hai

  147. Sadhya

    Sadhya here!I am currently in the end of my 11th grade .I am very keen on doing medicine.I did pretty well with my Icse boards I got around 89.3%in 10th.I have only medicine on my mind I have no plans to pursue engineering. I study for 5-6hrs a day but I get distracted very often. I end up spending more time than required.moreover my basics with physics are bad.I am very scared that i might end up with a bad rank.I want to know how to study physics effectively. I am very good at bio and fine with chemistry. How many hours did u study?can I know want went into those 2 years?how was ur daily routine…plz suggest more tips for cet..

    Eagerly looking forward for your reply…
    By the way thank you souch!keep the good work going! 🙂

  148. Shruti

    I want to know that by solving only marvel publications for all subject,can I achieve good marks in MHT-CET.


  149. sanjana kudtarkar

    hi,sanjana here!
    plz tell me which books shall i prefer for mht cet?? i m very confused…

    • Sanjay

      are you in 12th Now?
      I have lot notes and physics MCQs


    How many marks are required for pwd in mhtcet (medical) & i have 172 in pcb in board

  151. Wã Få

    I m going to appear dis year in cet
    but i m too much tensed

  152. somesh

    All the best frends

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