Indian Men Continue To Be Fooled Into Buying Fairness Creams

Here’s an interesting chart posted on the website of a popular fairness cream company. It might seem weird and stupid to many but there are plenty of men in India who still believe that women are attracted only to fair skinned men.

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5 Responses to “Indian Men Continue To Be Fooled Into Buying Fairness Creams”

  1. bobbleheadedbob

    I think Abhishek is fairly light-skinned compared to most other day-to-day Southies. That said, I find the marketing of this cream quite contradictory and redundant.

    Doesn’t the fact that someone needs a CREAM to have “pride and self confidence, self esteem, and confidence” point to the possibility that when skincare has become a NEED, it’s an indication of little pride, little self confidence, little self esteem, and little confidence in oneself?

    If anything, it MARKETS low self esteem! Look at it! If you don’t have fair skin, people won’t want to talk to you, you’re not attractive, and women won’t find you attractive. It’s like they’re beating down your self esteem with a baseball bat and then shoving a vat of Neosporin for the cuts and bruises they’ve inflicted. This is frakking ridiculous!!!

    ::bobble heads::

  2. babybaby123

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  3. santiago

    espero conoserte mejor no escrivo mucho ingles pero espero aprwender con tigo

  4. dnarea

    Hey look around yourself you will find many attractive people around you, let alone movie stars.
    The situation is somewhat different. There was not a single brand that targeted the men population until fair & handsome. It took it’s market by fooling the people.
    Again u r considered to be feminine by ur friends if you use female cream, say fair & lovely(At least here in India).

  5. eva

    I am an Asian by heart but of european-asian ancestry mix. However a very fair skin isn’t my source of self-confidence but rather on my abilities and fighting spirit…i find darker-skinned men most attractive.

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