MHT-CET Time Management Mess

mht cetThere are plenty of students who gave CET this year and are complaining about the lack of time to complete their paper. I don’t blame them at the same time I don’t think there’s any point crying over spilt milk. Everyone this year felt that the paper was lengthy but you have to prepare yourself for such tough times. Blaming your invigilators is very convenient but the truth is that many of the students who are blaming others for their loss are getting marks in 120s and 130s (and even lower), I wonder what huge difference it would have made if the guy at the centre gave them 10 mins extra… would they have attempted 50 odd questions in 10 mins?!

If you are a medical or engineering aspirant for next year’s CET then I would advice you to be prepared for the worst. There are times when papers are given late, sometimes wrong papers are given and then taken back, sometimes they’re collected too early and don’t forget that you have to fill all the details on the answer sheet AND the question paper (it can take time) and many other bad things can happen like one of the students got up in the middle of the paper and rushed to the bathroom. So work hard on time management so that you have no excuses to give later when its too late.


38 Responses to “MHT-CET Time Management Mess”

  1. Rohan

    Time management is very important atleast for physics and chemistry.

    For physics, I would recommend that you practice numericals. When I appeared for CET, I recollect we had almost 44 numericals out of 50 questions. I too felt the pinch of so many numericals inspite of having solved P.S. Bangui’s problem book. So any amount of practice is never enough for physics problems. Moreover, one must be conceptually learned.

    For chemistry-I, numericals are important, though not so much as for physics . I forgot which book I used to use for chemistry. For chem-II, learn the reactions. You don’t have time at the exam to explore your memory.

    For Bio, time management is not so much of a issue because mcqs are easy and also you can solve them very fast. Approx, only 5 out of 100 are challenging and time consuming, the rest 95 are easy ones.

    • rohit rathod

      THANK YOU …………….ROHAN

      • jaee

        thanks rohan jst keep guiding us.

    • NEERA

      DEAR, ROHAN ur explntn is realy hlpful durng cet study. ur point of view for time mangmnt is good. but till not so much inspirtv ,we hv 45min. for chem.& 45min.for phy. to solve.i think instead of solvng phy. first we hv to solve chem.first &also first prefrnc to easy ques. then to difficlt. for phy.we must be practicle try to undrstnd d theories its implitatn thorouly.i was use gaikwad & vidyabharati for study which ws best &easy as well as concptul for bio, we should read scolors ,vidyabharaty, target& himalaya boks and d test series of proff. dr. rohan shenoy test series which is d best n best forevr .der is no worry about time mangmnt for bio. to studious student as like rohan wordings above

    • sanaya

      which book should i prefer for physics please tell me? i am appering mhcet exam 2015 and time is very less .

  2. Rohan

    Ah, forgot to mention, as you have said about exams papers being given late or other likes, there is a dispute resolution committee that considers your grievances.

    However, it is not sure of how helpful their considerations can be. It a ‘legal procedure’ =so many formalities and headache. So best luck! many any such disaster not occur with any student!

    • akshay

      hi rohan i want to know how i get 160 marks in mht cet in pcm? reply me. thank you.

  3. Siddhesh

    I m solving Bangui’s problem book what should i practice to solve problems quickly. I m going to appear for MHT-CET 2010.

  4. andry

    EFabwC comment3 ,

  5. Girish

    Does anyone know if i can get a guide or solutions to Bangui’s problem book. It will be of great help.

    Any other problem book for physics which is worth working upon.

  6. nikita

    please give me the list of CET books for physics and chemistry which will help me to solve problems and to score good marks.

    • ajit

      all target & vidyabharti books will b of great help if u prepare only 4 cet

  7. Ajay Chauhan

    i too need every alerts regarding cet

  8. dolly

    1.I too need ALERTS regarding mht-cet 2010.
    Also need INFO on other entrance tests which can HELP to get into medical colleges, in mumbai especially.

    2.need HELP with TIME MANAGEMENT as I am re-appearing for mht cet, simultaneously with F.Y.B.Sc.

    3.HOW TO GO ABOUT reading all the sanctioned books of biology n chemistry, since the list is long & which are the imp books to be given preference out of the list.


  9. dolly

    Jus in case if it might help followig are my academic results;
    ssc2007 :91.23%
    hsc2009 :82.33%
    mhtcet09:147 /200.


    i am gonna to appear for cet exams in 2010.
    plz help me to get the list of good books for maths physics and chemistry……


  11. sonam

    plzz help me, i need a list books to refer for mhcet, i am going to appear in 2010. plz help me

  12. Gaju

    You have only crativity is need.
    Books list
    for physics
    for biology
    step’ in biology


    I need a list books for mhtcet.

  14. chaetan deshmukh

    i havn’t prepered till now for cet.
    wt is the best way for me to score maximum marks?

  15. Vikrant

    I’m abt 2 give mht-cet 2010,help me out on how 2 study 4 Phy-2 problems?

  16. RUPESH

    please tell me the names of the book from which i studyfor cet for physics,chemistry and biology

  17. vajihi

    i m giving my cet in 2010…..and have started solving bangui….bt i want its solution……
    pls help me….

  18. cathrine

    plz tell me the names of govt sanction text books that i can refer for pmt medical entrance of maharashtra and i hav just scored 50% in pcb but i still hav a strong wish to go for mbbs plz advice me



  20. Gayatri

    i want solution book for p s bangui numericals,, plzzz help…

  21. indrajeet

    i am in 12th right now. i am preparing of board and mht-cet as well. give some tips about both above cate…plz! i will see ur msg in my email inbox…

  22. Jayashree V Mohite

    Well I am reappearing fr cet & I am a F.Y.Bsc stud. I jst want to know which publication bks I should refer.rply me tmrw before 12 noon.

  23. tabassum fathima

    Dear sir,as I have just finished my first pu exams and I am looking out for a a guidance towards second pu academics and cet..
    Can you please suggest me some good and well known books which will help me in accomplishing my goals successfully?????

  24. jasmine

    how to study i m attemting cet for 3 rd time i am saturated my brain is not working plz help !!!!!

  25. pooja

    plz give me the name of some good guids for CET in chem


    Thanks! It is really helpfull for us.

  27. Misbaj

    May i knw whr wil i gt bangui problems’ solution………m in desperate need of it. its really hard to practice phy numericals without their solution as many of the problems you don’t get……..hoping for early rply….please

  28. shrusthi

    i’m preparing for cet please give me suggestion

  29. Shaikh masoom

    I want help from you for study and which book i should reffer for MH-CET
    i am having (PCB)group please help my mobile number is 7387860922

  30. tejasvi

    bio ke liye vidyabharti or chem and phy ke liye konsi book use karni chaiye

  31. tejasvi

    kon se book me se muze more marks milasakate he exam me phy or chem

  32. Pranita

    plz tell me at this moment what studys should be done as i m reappearing for cet 2016

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