MHT-CET Time Management Mess

mht cetThere are plenty of students who gave CET this year and are complaining about the lack of time to complete their paper. I don’t blame them at the same time I don’t think there’s any point crying over spilt milk. Everyone this year felt that the paper was lengthy but you have to prepare yourself for such tough times. Blaming your invigilators is very convenient but the truth is that many of the students who are blaming others for their loss are getting marks in 120s and 130s (and even lower), I wonder what huge difference it would have made if the guy at the centre gave them 10 mins extra… would they have attempted 50 odd questions in 10 mins?!

If you are a medical or engineering aspirant for next year’s CET then I would advice you to be prepared for the worst. There are times when papers are given late, sometimes wrong papers are given and then taken back, sometimes they’re collected too early and don’t forget that you have to fill all the details on the answer sheet AND the question paper (it can take time) and many other bad things can happen like one of the students got up in the middle of the paper and rushed to the bathroom. So work hard on time management so that you have no excuses to give later when its too late.